Pieniny is one of the most beautiful and picturesque mountain ranges in Poland, which stretches northeast of the Tatra Mountains. The Polish Pieniny are part of a chain called the Pieniny Rock Range, which is characterized by a specific type of rock and peculiar aesthetics.

Pieniny peaks are so-called rocky crags. They resemble the Tatra peaks a bit, but are much lower, making them more accessible to tourists, even for the youngest lovers of mountain tourism. Surrounded by a picturesque panorama of the Dunajec gorges from everywhere. The Pieniny range is divided into three parts: Proper Pieniny, Spiš Pieniny and Małe Pieniny. According to tourists who value rock adventures, the most interesting are the Proper Pieniny, which occupy a small area within the borders of the Pieniny National Park. The highlight of the Pieniny Proper is the popular Three Crowns massif of 982 m a.s.l. We can reach the summit of the Three Crowns by a yellow, green and blue hiking trail, crossing the Sopczański Gorge and the Szopka Pass. Along the way, you can stop for a moment of relaxation at the PTTK Hostel "Three Crowns" in Sromowce Niżnych.

Sokolica is also a recommendable Pieniny peak - 747 m above sea level m., where the attention draws characteristic pines. A yellow hiking trail leads from it under the PTTK shelter through the Szopka Pass, where it turns into a blue trail. Palenica in the Pieniny Małe is also besieged for tourists, due to the cable car to its summit and its winter activity - a ski station.

In addition to climbing experiences, the Pieniny also offer a number of other interesting attractions. Among other things, we can go to the dam and Lake Czorsztyn, where boat trips depart, from which you can admire the two magnificent Pieniny castles which are the castle in Czorsztyn and Niedzica.

The wild and picturesque gorge of the Dunajec River also offers tourists the famous rafting rafts. The route starts at the Sromowce marina, and ends in Krościenko or Szczawnica. In addition to rafts, you can also choose the option of kayaks or inflatable boats.

Pieniny offers a wide range of different sensations, both for adrenaline lovers and those who prefer physical activity, as well as for those who prefer a quiet walking mode, aimed at admiring exceptionally picturesque rock forms, beautiful panoramas, and interesting architecture. That is why this place is so eagerly crowded with tourists, especially in spring and summer.