Tło Pieniny Mountains

Pieniny Mountains

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Pieniny Mountains

Pieniny is one of the most beautiful and picturesque mountain ranges in Poland, which stretches northeast of the Tatra Mountains. The Polish Pieniny are part of a chain called the Pieniny Rock Range, which is characterized by a specific type of rock and peculiar aesthetics. Pieniny peaks are so-called rocky crags. They resemble the Tatra peaks a bit, but are much lower, making them more accessible to tourists, even for the youngest lovers of mountain tourism. Surrounded by a picturesque panorama of the Dunajec gorges from everywhere. The Pieniny range is divided into three parts: Proper Pieniny, Spiš Pieniny and Małe Pieniny. According to tourists who value rock adventures, the most interesting are the Proper Pieniny, which occupy a small area within the borders of the Pieniny National Park. The highlight of the Pieniny Proper is the popular Three Crowns massif of 982 m a.s.l. We can reach the summit of the Three Crowns by a yellow, green and blue hiking trail, crossing the Sopczański Gorge and the Szopka Pass. Along the way, you can stop for a moment of relaxation at the PTTK Hostel "Three Crowns" in Sromowce Niżnych. Sokolica is also a recommendable Pieniny peak - 747 m above sea level m., where the attention draws characteristic pines. A yellow hiking trail leads...

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