Tło Pieniny Mountains

Pieniny National Park

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The Pieniny are part of the Pieniny rock belt, stretching for about 550 km, separating the outer Flysch Carpathians from the so-called crystalline. From the south they border with the Spišská Magura range, from the north with the Gorce and Beskid Sądecki. They form a separate mountain range about 35 km long and up to 6 km wide, divided into three parts by the Dunajec gorges. The most attractive part of the range in terms of nature and landscape are the proper Pieniny. The peaks here have beautiful and sharp silhouettes and the valleys in the form of rock gorges. The northern slopes descend towards the valleys relatively gently, while towards the Dunajec they impressively cover with limestone walls with a southern or eastern exhibition and a height of up to 300 m. The Pieniny are the main geological formations from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. The area of ​​today's Carpathian Mountains was then under the surface of the ocean. As a result of strong tectonic movements occurring at the end of the Triassic, the seabed has cracked and folded. The ocean split into smaller waters. One of them was the Pieniny Basin. As a result of sedimentation processes, rock layers deposited at the bottom of the basin. The diversity of the pool bottom structure and sedimentation conditions resulted in the formation of various rock formations. They were mainly limestones, including the limestone derived from ammonite skeletons, crinoid limestone from the daylilies and hard weathering resistant. In terms of climate relations, the Pieniny clearly differ from the neighboring mountain ranges. They are characterized by a relatively mild climate. Due to the varied terrain, there are clear features of the microclimate of individual parts of the band, which is reflected in the diversity of flora and fauna. Northern slopes and stream valleys are cooler and wetter, while southern rock walls have an exceptionally warm and dry climate.


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